What Spectrum can do for you?

We strive to provide services that are superior to our competition. Our dedicated executives and staff always go the extra mile to deliver excellent customer service. For over 25 years, Spectrum's success has been predicated on providing the highest level of service. Ours is one nimble, knock it out of the park company that stakes its reputation on delivering outstanding services for its clients.

Our experience covers all areas of MWDSDVOB, LBE, SBE contract and minority and women workforce compliance in both the building and civil construction industries, and corporate and government procurement. Spectrum is a recognized, long-time advocate for the inclusion and participation of MWBEs in all business segments.

We provide MWDSDVOBE consulting services in the following areas:
• Agency MWBE Goal Setting & Goal Oversight
• Independent Private Sector Inspector General (IPSIG) Contractor Project Monitor
• Building and Civil Construction Projects Contract Compliance & Reporting
• Development of Company and Government MWBE Policies, Manuals, and Training
• MWDSDVOBE Contractor & Supplier Outreach and Tracking
• Good Faith Effort Verification
• MWDSDVOB Program Effectiveness & Resultant Program Corrective Measures

In today’s urban environments, substantive changes in the landscape and fabric of communities require a firm that has experience dealing with a myriad of problems and issues that impact upon local businesses and residents’ quality of life and well-being. This is where our services intersect with government agencies; elected officials; local businesses and residents; developers, construction contractors and suppliers; organizations; institutions and other stakeholder participants.

Not only does Spectrum perform these services to engage the community, we also provide the communications necessary to keep all parties informed via newsletters, social media, 24-hour hotlines, street fairs, information centers, meetings, presentations, leaflets, streetscapes, and other direct engagement methods.

You need to get your product out or to inform the public about something you want them to know. You have tried advertising and social media; but, in addition, you need a personal touch. In today’s busy environments where choices of what and how to obtain information are limitless, nothing beats face-to-face interaction.

When those other approaches are just not enough, Spectrum can help. Our marketing and outreach teams know how to get your product or message out. See some of our examples below.

Actively working with companies specializing in wind and solar energy (including energy storage) in markets where cities and states have mandated renewable energy goals, such as solar to be a part of their commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement (PCA). The PCA calls for the acceleration of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions with a limited global warming to 1.5° C. Assist in the development and marketing of products to increase energy security through the reliance on an indigenous, inexhaustible and mostly import-independent resource; as well as, to enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, and to lower the cost of renewable energy across energy, transportation, building, and waste sectors.

We are NYC’s most experienced monitor of community benefits agreements (CBAs) having worked as NY Empire State Development General Project Plan Monitor of Columbia University’s new Manhattanville campus and Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park designated CBA Monitor.

Spectrum oversees the obligations made by developers to a coalition of community organizations that claims to represent the individuals and groups affected by the proposed development. Typically, CBAs would include certain amenities and/or mitigations agreed to by the developer to provide the community or neighborhood with such benefits as assurances of local jobs, affordable housing, environmental improvements, and the building of or rehabilitation of various facilities for public use.

We assist clients by working with government agencies and elected officials to develop meaningful solutions to a myriad of problems, and various needs and concerns that arise as the result of economic development activities; thereby, enabling our clients and governmental bodies to move projects along in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. In the end, clients and the body politic become partners in the strengthening and betterment of communities. Our ability to effectively engage all participants and stakeholders is what leads to solutions and ultimately to success.

Often times, clients find themselves with issues or concerns that need problem-solving solutions. These problems are such that they may adversely impact a company’s way of doing business, image or reputation. At Spectrum, we interview, research or study internal/external environments that affect production, systems and processes or flows that impact the company. Together with our clients, we develop and implement company-specific solutions to address impacts to their bottom line.

Our work on Community Economic Development projects incorporates the use of government institutions, elected officials, local businesses and residents, and civic and business organizations with a stake in the economic equation and community development outcomes.

Our approach takes into account what goods, services, and qualified workforce exists within a development area. In consultation with clients and the community, and through proven methodologies, we propose solutions on how best to engage the community throughout the planning, development, and implementation processes with the goal of building stronger, more vibrant and sustainable communities.

For over 25 years, Spectrum’s success has been predicated on providing the highest level of creative services to leading companies and organizations, creating effective, time-tested branding and marketing strategies that generate measurable results for our clients.

Through effective thinking, smart design, persuasive branding strategies, we help engage, inspire and compel your audiences to take action.

Our multidisciplinary expertise include: Visual Identity & Branding, Integrated Marketing, Print & Digital Communications, Motion Graphics & Augmented Reality.

JP Morgan Chase Community Development Group

The JPMorgan Chase Community Development Group was a multifaceted, multilingual marketing program consisting of print and digital communications. It included brochures, presentations kits, product websites, community outreach tools, events related material and marketing collateral.

Unifying JPMorgan separate lines of business, the program we developed effectively engaged and provided solutions to the needs of their multiple audiences including: local consumers, small businesses, real estate agencies, commercial establishments, non-profits and faith-based organizations.

The JPMorgan Chase Community Development Group marketing program was highly successful and soon expanded to other ethnic communities.

MTA Second Avenue Subway Community Information Center

Spectrum Personal Communications and Sam Schwartz Engineering Co. created a 50/50 Joint Venture partnership known as East Harlem Community Collaborators JV (EHCC) for the purpose of providing community outreach for the MTA Second Avenue Subway (SAS) Phase II project from 96th Street to 125th Street in East Harlem.

Together, the JV provides very diverse and extensive community outreach/community engagement throughout East Harlem. In addition, the JV is responsible for all graphics support, announcements, notifications and signage support; conducting “Ask the Experts” sessions, site tours, and community educational sessions; media outreach; the development and placement of display exhibits, and maintaining a SAS participation in street fairs and other community outreach activities.

World Hope International, Haiti 2009 earthquake fund raising event

In the aftermath of Haiti’s 2009 earthquake, we joined multiple businesses and partnered with World Hope International to help with their fund raising event. Our contribution was to brand and help promote “Help Rebuild, Come Celebrate Haiti Cherie.” The event was very successful and the proceeds benefited the victims of this devastating earthquake.

Newark Downtown Park

The Newark Downtown Park branding and marketing effort was a multifaceted, multilingual program produced in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The diverse audience included community leaders, Newark residents, small local businesses, and large corporations based in Newark.

The program included diverse community outreach/community engagement material, announcements, mailers and brochures, display exhibits, out door banners, bus shelters, signage and local promotions.

Under the theme “ A blueprint for Progress,” the program we developed was successful in projecting and positioning the upcoming Newark Downtown Park as a world-class site, filled with beautiful green space, entertainment, arts and fun. And a place where new friends meet and old friends reconnect.